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Why You Should Host A Pop Up In Your Workplace

Hosting a Pop Up in an unusual venue can be such a fun and creative way to reimagine a space. A brightly lit shop front becomes a cosy, candle lit dinner spot. A draughty barn becomes a hot spot for a right good knees up. A usually silent factory floor or dull office meeting room becomes alive with the bustle of laughter and clinking cutlery.

Hosting a Pop Up night in your workplace can be amazing for business.

  • Show employees and colleagues that you value and care about them by treating them to a really special and memorable night

  • Build a workplace that people want to be part of

  • Creative and innovative way to launch a new product, concept or space

  • Personal way of thanking a member of your team for long service or a particular achievement

  • Strengthen relationships within your team

  • Networking opportunities for new and existing clients

  • Create great "Instagrammable" moments for building visibility within the influencer or blogger community.

1) What if my venue doesn’t have a kitchen?

No kitchen, no problem! As long as we have access to some running water we really can pop up anywhere. During the initial planning process, I will discuss the kitchen set up with you and advise you about what we might need. We have a range of recommended suppliers that can provide everything from knives and forks, to vintage teacups, to commercial ovens and fridges.

2) We have a few dietaries requirements in the party, is this a problem?

As long as you communicate your dietary requirements in advance, there's no reason why this has to be a problem. I can work my culinary creativity to make a delicious menu to suit just about any dietary needs - I even takes severe dislikes into account! That's the beauty of working with a Private Chef and Caterer who writes bespoke and tailored menus.

3) Who sets up and takes down?

This one tends to come down to personal preference. Some clients have such a clear vision of how they want the table and the room to look that they enjoy setting up themselves! Plus, if the event is taking place in an intimate or personal location, such as your home, clients tend to prefer putting their own touches to the space. However, my team and I are more than happy to set up and take down on your behalf. I can even provide all of those little extra touches like napkins, flowers and candles that help elevate the ambiance of the event.

4) What sort of numbers can you accommodate?

I specialises in more intimate dining experiences (usually 15 people or under). I find that this number is the perfect balance of intimacy and buzz combined. Everyone can talk to everyone but there's no awkward silences! Plus, I run a really tight team (often it's just me!) so intimate events suit me best.

Having said that, I love caterer for larger groups too. There's nothing like the energy of a busy service. I can cater for up to 100 guests with the right amount of notice.

5) Do I need a license?

Usually - no. But, depending on how and where you intend to run the pop up, you may need to apply for a Temporary Events Notice. this is fairly simple to do and in fact it may not be required at all. During the planning stages I will help advise you about whether or not this may be necessary.

6) I work from home - can I still host a pop up?

Absolutely. If you're comfortable hosting in your home I can come to you and provide you with exactly the same level of fantastic food and service as if you were in a restaurant. If you don't fancy hosting at home, I can help you find a space that will work for you and your vision! I even have a tasting room at my premises which can host up to 18 guests.

7) What format does the menu take?

One of the things that sets me apart from the crowd of caterers in the North East is that I offer a completely bespoke menu design service. From the beginning I work with you to design a menu that is perfect for the vision you have for your event. Whether that's a lunchtime grazing table, a selection of elegant canapés, or a table laden with sharing plates for a sit down dinner, I will create a personalised menu for you. My menus are always seasonal and champion local suppliers too! If you're in need of some inspiration, take a look at the sample menus that I have on my website here.

8) Can you provide a drinks package?

I'm not licensed to sell alcohol, but I have a WSET Level 2 qualification in Wine Tasting so I am able to provide you with expert knowledge about pairing the perfect drinks with the food you intend to serve. I can also point you in the direction of some fantastic suppliers who will be able to provide the perfect pairings. If it's soft drinks your after then I am more than happy to provide and serve these. I love making fresh juices and spritzes to serve for your event. Teas and coffees to, of course!

Get in touch at or on 07851008256 to start the planning process with me.


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